Trump impeachment, Brexit, France strikes, India citizenship act, and Ozil Vs China

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It is all going according to the script on Capitol Hill. The vote to impeach Donald Trump nearly ran exactly along partisan lines. Now it is on to the Republican-controlled US Senate for a trial. The question is: when? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will hold on to those two articles of impeachment until she is sure of the ground rules for the trial, and in particular, whether Republicans will allow key witnesses to be called.


One week after the final votes were counted, Boris Johnson cashed in on his landslide win and this time, easily passed a Brexit deal that has Britain leaving the EU by January 31.

And in France, there's a term for when the country slows down for Christmas. It is called the "confectioners' truce", conveying the idea that sweet-makers can now enjoy a well-deserved break. Travelers have been promised a partial respite from ongoing strikes that began on December 5, with a few more trains before it all kicks off again with fresh pension-reform protests scheduled for the New Year. The number of bicycles on the roads has shot up since the start of the month.

In India, Narendra Modi may have won a landslide re-election earlier this year. But could the Hindu nationalist leader now be facing his stiffest challenge? The swift passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act has breathed life into a seemingly subdued opposition. The bill offers a path to Indian nationality for refugees from Muslim-majority Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. However, Muslim refugees are conspicuously absent from the list of potential beneficiaries.

There is the mixing of politics and religion, and then there is the mixing of politics, religion and football. Arsenal's star midfielder Mesut Osil has taken to social media to denounce the crackdown on Uighur Muslims in China's western Xinjiang province.

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