The best of FRANCE 24’s Reporters in 2019


Over the past twelve months, FRANCE 24’s journalists have brought you exclusive stories from the four corners of the world. In this year-end edition, we present you with seven of our top reports.


First out in our year-end special, we bring you an exclusive report on the jihadi brides held in Syria’s notorious Al-Hol refugee camp. FRANCE 24 met the women fleeing the final assault on the Islamic State (IS) group. While some of them consider it a relief to get out of the so-called "caliphate", others perceive it as a betrayal of what they believe in.

>> Exclusive: Rare testimony from jihadi brides in Syria as IS group 'caliphate' crumbles


Next, we head to China’s northwestern Xinjiang region, where more than one million ethnic Uighurs are believed to be held in internment camps. While authorities call them "re-education through labour camps", victims say the reality is forced indoctrination for Uighurs who are being held in alarming conditions.

>> Surviving China’s Uighur camps


Then, we trace the footsteps of Edward Snowden, who became one of the world’s most wanted men after leaking explosive confidential documents on US mass surveillance in 2013. While still on the run in Hong Kong, and before heading to Russia, the whistleblower was sheltered by a group of refugees. Our reporters met Snowden's "guardian angels", who today find themselves in danger.

>> Exclusive: Edward Snowden’s guardian angels


When Europe and the US this summer commemorated the D-Day landings of June 6, 1944, FRANCE 24 met some of the surviving American veterans of World War II. They were barely 20 years old when they came to fight on European soil. Seventy-five years later, and as they approach their 100th year, their first-hand accounts are as important as ever.

>> Meeting the last of the US D-Day heroes


Chile this year experienced unprecedented mass protests, as people rose up to demonstrate against the ultra free-market model established during the Pinochet dictatorship, which still remains in force today. The model has turned the country into one of the most unequal in the world. But in response to the rallies, President Sebastián Piñera and his government have resorted to a violent crackdown, reminiscent of the country’s former dictatorship.

>> Inside Chile's unprecedented protest movement


We then head to the Kenyan city of Mombasa, the largest port in East Africa, which has become the capital of a new drug trafficking route. Heroin from Asia and cocaine from Latin America now transit through Kenya, before heading to Europe.

>> Kenya’s second-largest city becomes world's new drug trafficking hub


Finally, FRANCE 24 brings you an exclusive documentary from war-torn Libya where we take you to the front lines of the bloody conflict and to the heart of the huge migration crisis currently unfolding there.

>> Libya: The infernal trap

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