Maximum pressure: EU powers warming to Trump's call to rewrite Iran deal?

Those who still hold out hope of a handshake in the halls of the United Nations will be disappointed. Donald Trump is touting new sanctions on Iran and threatening even more. With world leaders gathered in New York at the annual opening of the UN General Assembly, the chances were always slim of a first face-to-face meeting between the US and Iranian leaders since before the 1979 revolution.


That was before last week's strikes that incapacitated major Saudi oil installations. Now, EU signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal - France, Germany and the UK - are in fact squarely blaming Iran.

The UK leader Boris Johnson now says the US president is the "one guy" who can broker a better accord than the one on the table. Is Trump's wish for a full rewrite on the road to reality... or will it all bring the two sides back to the same deal under a different guise?

Finally, there's Iran itself. What strategy for a nation feeling the brunt of Trump's maximum pressure policy of sanctions... and torn between moderates and hardliners?

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