The Debate

The suspension card: What response to Boris Johnson's Brexit gambit?

They said he would not dare prorogue parliament to push through Brexit. But just days before lawmakers return from summer recess, the new prime minister Boris Johnson decided to pounce early. Parliament will indeed convene next Tuesday but with a long break soon after - until October 14, two weeks before the UK is due to leave the European Union.


Cue the political tsunami he’s unleashed, with many players breaking ranks within his own Conservative Party. What next for Brexit, Boris and for Britain? At the heart of the world's longest-running parliamentary democracy is the world's longest-serving monarch, who has never once, since she inherited the throne back in 1952, weighed in on politics. The Queen, true to form, confirmed the suspension in a statement. Was she right to stay out of it?

Produced by Andew HILLIAR, Juliette LAURAIN and Ingri BERGO.

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