Bojo's Brexit ploy, Italian alliance reversal, Macron's G7, Amazon fires

Our panel of journalists discuss the big topics of the week, starting with Brexit. Britain's PM campaigned for Brexit on the promise of returning power from Brussels to Westminster. Boris Johnson shocked with the surprise move to prorogue parliament - beyond the scheduled break for party conferences - until October 14, just days before the last EU summit before October 31 and the current deadline for leaving the European Union. The hashtag #StopTheCoup quickly went viral.


Meanwhile, in Italy, outgoing prime minister Giuseppe Conte has been tasked with forming the next government - but chose the populist Five-Star Movement with a mandate to drop the far-right Lega of Matteo Salvini in favour of the centre-left Democratic Party. And to think that just 14 months ago, Five-Star ran on a ticket of kicking out the mainstream.

The bromance is officially back on between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, who hosted a G7 summit where the French president talked up the chances of a meeting between Trump and his Iranian counterpart in the coming weeks and a breakthrough in the dispute over tech giants.

Instead of trash-talking Trump, Macron took on Brazil's president for - as he put it - lying about commitments to reforest the Amazon. A social media tiff about the French first lady's looks didn't help, as Jair Bolsonaro sneered at Macron's offer of $20 million to help fight the forest fires in the Amazon.

Produced by Yi SONG, Juliette LAURAIN and Elise DUFFAU.

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