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Down to Earth

The rise of eco-anxiety

By: Mairead DUNDAS Follow | Guillaume BRUNET | Julia GUGGENHEIM | Sophie PIZZIMENTI
8 min

Amid a dizzying array of warnings about the state of the planet, Down to Earth investigates a new disorder of the 21st century: eco-anxiety.


Climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st century, according to a report by the world's leading medical experts published in the journal The Lancet.

It's a risk to physical health through the direct impact of heatwaves, storms or wildfires, but it's also affecting mental health.

After Hurricane Katrina, almost one in three people surveyed displayed signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.

But the rise in psychological unease is also linked to an individual's anticipation of a bleak future. Concerns have become so common that the American Psychological Association decided to officially define eco-anxiety as a "chronic fear of environmental doom".

And the number of patients is on the rise. 

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