Viral Chilean dance rocks Weinstein trial


New York (AFP)

A flash mob added some song and dance to Harvey Weinstein's sex crimes trial as women clad in black chanted "The rapist is you!" outside a New York courtroom Friday.

Dozens of female protesters banged percussion instruments and performed a new Chilean song that rails against sexual violence and has recently gone viral around the world.

As jury selection continued inside the Manhattan court, the sound of the performers, some of whom wore bandanas, shouting and dancing on the sidewalk outside filtered through the courtroom's windows.

About 60 women performed the choreographed dance and recited the lyrics of feminist anthem "A Rapist In Your Path," which first shot to prominence in Chile in November.

It was created by a collective called "Las Tesis" and went viral after the outbreak of huge protests in Chile which were repressed by police.

It has been heard in protests elsewhere, including in London, Paris, Mexico City and Bogota.

Fallen movie producer Weinstein has been accused of sexual assault by more than 80 women since accusations against him ignited the #MeToo movement in October 2017.

But he is being tried on charges related to just two. He faces life in prison if found guilty of predatory sexual assault.

Dozens of potential jurors have been excused after saying they could not be impartial due to heightened publicity surrounding the trial.

Weinstein maintains his innocence.

Opening arguments are expected to begin on January 22.