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Australia's new normal, Trump impeachment, Iran's next move, Putin's surprise

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Australian rescuers have been airlifting bales of hay to livestock owners and carrots to starving wildlife in the face of unprecedented wildfires. This during the week where UN climate scientists confirmed that the planet's coming off the hottest decade on record. There's some respite for Melbourne, with thunderstorms and rain, but not enough to quell all the blazes. Summer is far from over Down Under.


With first the Muller report, now impeachment, it feels like the president of the United States has been under investigation on Capitol Hill since Day One. Yet still, the swearing-in of the Supreme Court's Chief Justice to preside over a Senate trial of Donald Trump that starts next Tuesday carried a solemn air, very distinct from the partisan mêlées Washington's used to. And for only the third time in US history, lawmakers will now try to remove the president.

It's been a week since Iran owned up to mistakenly downing a Ukrainian airliner hours after missile strikes on coalition bases in Iraq. On a dime it seems, Iran's united front against the killing of senior revolutionary guards commander Qassem Soleimani turned to outrage over the accident and the cover-up.

On paper, he is two years into his final six-year mandate. And everyone knew that sooner or later, Vladimir Putin would make a move to secure the future, or should we say his future. Out of the blue this week came the dissolving of the cabinet, the announcement of constitutional reform and the plucking from obscurity of tax office chief Mikhail Mishustin to replace Putin's eternal shadow Dmitry Medvedev.

Produced by Andrew Hilliar, Juliette Laurain and Laura Burloux.

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