Bolivian Congress to vote on Morales' resignation


La Paz (AFP)

Bolivia's Congress is to convene Tuesday to debate the validity of ex-president Evo Morales' resignation, with a vote expected on whether to accept or reject it, a leading lawmaker said.

Senate speaker Eva Copa, a member of the former president's Movement for Socialism party MAS, summoned lawmakers from both houses of Congress to "consider the resignations of Evo Morales and Alvaro Garcia Linera from the posts of president and vice-president."

The congress is constitutionally bound to examine the resignation to decide on its validity.

MAS senator Omar Aguilar told journalists that Congress would vote "whether to accept or reject the resignations."

Morales resigned under pressure from the armed forces on November 10 after rioting greeted his re-election following contested October 20 polls.

The Organization of American States (OAS) later pointed to widespread irregularities. The right-wing interim government has scheduled a new election for May 3.

Morales, who is living in exile in neighboring Argentina, insists he is still president until Congress declares otherwise.

Morales' five-year term officially runs until Wednesday.