Tanak says 'everything fine' after crash, targets Sweden


Gap (France) (AFP)

Ott Tanak said he was eager to get back behind the wheel for the next leg of the championship as he was released from hospital on Saturday following his spectacular Monte Carlo Rally crash.

"Everything is fine, all the tests at the hospital are good so there's no worries," the world champion said in the French Alpine town of Gap. "The safety devices really did their job."

On Friday, Tanak and co-driver Martin Jarveoja flew off the icy road at over 180 kilometres an hour. Their Hyundai spun through the air and rolled several times before coming to a standstill, badly damaged, on a road 100m below.

The crash put the car out of the race and both men were kept in hospital for 24 hours for observation.

Tanak did not explain the crash.

"It was an accident and accidents happen," the Estonian said.

"It was a high speed accident but it's okay, all okay."

He added that in his reconnaissance notes he had put that the stretch of road where he lost control should be taken "almost" flat out.

The second leg of the World RallY Championship is scheduled for February 13-16 in Sweden. It is traditionally the only rally in the series held on snow, but is in doubt because there has been no snow.

Tanak said he hoped the rally took place.

"I would definitively love going to Sweden," he said. "It's one of my favourite rallies."

The 32-year-old won the WRC drivers' championship last year with Toyota but has since switched to Hyundai, the South Korean company which won the manufacturers' world championship last season.

This was his debut for the team.