French cabaret director 'Michou' dead at 88


Paris (AFP)

French director "Michou", famed for his somewhat risque shows in Paris' famous Montmartre cabaret district, died Sunday aged 88, said a spokesman for his Chez Michou theatre.

Michou, whose real name was Michel Catty, died in a Paris hospital, Francois Deblaye told AFP.

He was better known as the "man in blue" for the colour he was famously decked out in, top to toe.

A drag performer in his own right, Michou opened his cabaret in Montmartre, known for its can-can dancing, nightclubs and sex shops, in 1956. It hosted celebrities and unknowns to dinner shows of burlesque performances that soon became the talk of the town.

The cabaret's website described Michou as a mythical figure of Paris nightlife.

"For many, Michou's sense of humour and legendary kindness surely has a lot to do with the success of his shows," it added.

"Spectators simply adored being welcomed by the eternal man in blue."