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FIC2020: The top cybersecurity trends to watch for

Julia Sieger.
Julia Sieger. © FRANCE 24

As the 12th edition of the International Forum on Cybersecurity (FIC) comes to an end in the French city of Lille, we tell you what types of cyber attacks are on the rise and how hackers are still using the art of deception to get hold of your confidential information.  


As we brace for a world where connected cars will roam the streets, experts are forecasting an increased risk of major security breaches in automated cars.

Plus, we speak to Amélie Rives, a cybersecurity consultant, about the latest trends in cyberspace and how technologies like AI can help companies and government fight back against attacks.

We also touch on social engineering techniques, or how hackers are exploiting human vulnerabilities to achieve malicious objectives. One of the world's most accomplished brain hackers, Rachel Tobac, gives us a compelling example of how she can hack any one of us.

Last but not least, we try a rover by the New Zealand-based startup Invert Robotics. Not only does it offer remote visual inspections for confined areas, it looks like a modern version of Wall-E! 

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