Green promises: Macron's proposals to save Europe's melting glaciers

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It's 580 steps atop the roof of Europe, a stairway to hell if humanity does not act fast. French President Emmanuel Macron started his day up the mountain at the famed Sea of Ice that gives onto the continent's highest peak, Mont Blanc. As he contemplated the glacier that has receded in thickness by 120 metres in just one century, he used the photo op - one month before municipal elections - to press new measures to go green. We review what was announced at a special cabinet meeting on Wednesday.


We also go back down to sea level, where winter storm Ciara this week served as a reminder that accelerating global warming exposes to increased extreme weather the 17 million French people who either live on the coast or in high-risk flood areas. Time to give up and move to higher ground, with all that implies? Or is there still time for humanity to change its ways?

UK oil giant BP now says it's not too late. Its brand new CEO is promising shareholders to make the company completely carbon neutral by 2050. Does that mean no more drilling for hydrocarbons? Are cleaner sources of energy plentiful and cost-effective enough to meet the demands of the planet? Who makes the rules in this race against the clock?

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juliette Laurain and Jimena Morales-Velasco.

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