Tech 24

The rise of the 'green' diamond?


In this edition, we tell you how designers and scientists are developing high-tech and sustainable textiles, finding inspiration in nature and anticipating the needs of the space age.   


Visitors have until February 23 to catch London's Design Museum exhibit "Moving to Mars". The show explores how sending humans to the red planet is not only a new frontier for science but also for design. The exhibit showcases ideas of what habitats could look like on Mars, but also what kind of clothes we would have to wear in such a hostile environment. 

Also, from banana leaves to plant biomass, Dhananjay Khadilkar tells us how scientists are looking to nature to develop stronger and greener fabrics. 

The fashion world is not the only industry trying to reinvent itself and push the frontiers of innovation. The jewellery sector is also becoming disruptive. We speak to Jessica Warch, the co-founder of Kimai, a start-up that grows diamonds in the lab. 

Finally, this week's Test 24 is for our viewers who might feel nostalgic for the polaroid era. The US corporation is indeed making a comeback with a tech twist, displaying a desktop darkroom called Polaroid Lab.  

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