Hanau attack, Macron on Islam, Griveaux's scandal, Bezos' $10 billion for climate


The multiple killings have rocked Germany, even more so when the apparent racist nature of the attacks came to light. A 43 year old man with, it seems, mental issues, shot dead 9 people at shisha bars in a small town near Frankfurt. Police raided his home later to find him and his mother dead, he has apparently shot her too. 


In France, Emmanuel Macron made a series of announcements this week aiming to stop Islamic exclusion. Foreign Imams, foreign funded Mosques, even the teaching of language of origin of certain foreign groups now well settled in France. Nine countries are concerned by that. Critics say Macron is playing too far right ahead of the local elections. And that he is missing the point: disadvantaged areas, difficult neighbourhoods, need investment and more education to give the kids a chance.

Next, Benjamin Griveaux's bid to become Paris mayor was derailed by a sex tape. The close-ally of Emmanuel Macron took the matter in hand and resigned. Since then, a whole row has erupted about privacy. Even if he is a high-profile politician, he does not he have a right to do what he likes in private. The law in France says he does, but the law of public opinion perhaps takes another view.

Finally, is Jeff Bezos a climate saint or an extraordinary greenwasher? The Amazon entrepreneur is giving $10 billion to help save the Planet. But his Amazon operations are guilty of wide ranging pollution by packaging and delivery methods. 

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juliette Laurain and Laura Burloux

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