An agriculture revolution: the farms of the future

Julia Sieger and Dhananjay Khadilkar.
Julia Sieger and Dhananjay Khadilkar. © FRANCE 24

As the annual Paris Agriculture Fair gets under way, we tell you more about the farms of the future – whether they're in containers in urban areas or at the bottom of the sea. 


According to a recent UN report, 20 percent of products consumed worldwide will come from urban farming by 2030, compared to just 5 percent today. This revolution is driven by innovative start-ups like Agricool. We visited one of their urban farms on the outskirts of Paris where they're vertically growing food in old shipping containers. 

Beyond urban areas, farms are also being built under water. We speak to the pioneer of marine farming, Bren Smith. He tells us how he went from being a fisherman to a sustainable shellfish and seaweed farmer. This as he operates one of the first sustainable 3D ocean farms in the United States.

Plus, in Test 24, we try two bicycles: the all-terrain "WhaTTfornow TTG" that will give you a boost, and the user-centric electric bike by the French start-up Moustache. 

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