Erdogan's rules: Turkey draws EU, NATO into Idlib offensive


Call it a tale of two Turkish borders. To the south: Syria's Idlib province, where Ankara says it is now directly targeting pro-Assad forces after last week's killing of 34 Turkish soldiers in an air strike. With Russia backing Damascus in its bid to retake the last-rebel held enclave in Syria, we ask just how far it can escalate between now and Thursday's planned trip by Turkey's president to Moscow.


With civilians desperate in Idlib, Turkey is bracing for a mass influx of refugees and making it Europe's problem too by opening its northwest borders with Bulgaria and Greece to exiting migrants and refugees. A justified move? What should the EU be doing?

As angry locals on the Greek isle of Lesbos react to again bearing the brunt of new arrivals, it raises the issue - unresolved since 2015 - of whether the EU can share the burden and whether it can show the needed solidarity among the 27 to face up to a crisis just like this one. 

Produced by Charles Wente, Juliette Laurain and Marion Lefevre.

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