And then there were two: Biden surge forces out Democratic primary rivals


"A big effing deal" is how one pundit put it, borrowing one of Joe Biden's most famous lines. Barack Obama's former vice-president has won the lion's share of Super Tuesday primaries and leap-frogged Bernie Sanders as the frontrunner to win the Democratic nomination for US president. The race is far from over, with nearly two-thirds of delegates still up for grabs. Have moderates coalesced for good around Biden and does he have the right stuff to take on Donald Trump in the fall? 


Consolation for Sanders comes from California, the biggest state in the US. Enough to steady the ship? It again raises the question of how far to the left voters want to go while picking a president. And will his supporters fall into line if the Democratic Socialist Vermont senator falls short?

Unlike the Republican Party, which is pretty much beholden to the man who sits in the White House, Democrats have to worry about compromise around a candidate and a platform that can bring together moderates and progressives. And what Tuesday's high turnout shows is that whoever gets the nod, it is all about which one matches up to Trump.

Prodcued by Charles Wente, Juliette Laurain and Ariana Mozafari. 

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