COVID-19: How technology is helping to mitigate the outbreak

Julia Sieger.
Julia Sieger. © FRANCE 24

The number of coronavirus cases is slowing in China but growing everywhere else in the world. From AI to robotics and even maths, in this edition we tell you how technology can help manage the epidemic and which innovations are better equipping us to handle future public health emergencies.


As the number of coronavirus cases increases in France, hospitals are bracing for a potential influx of infected patients in the weeks to come. Some medical facilities, however, have already equipped themselves with AI-driven solutions to help them plan patient flow. We speak to the CEO of the company Calyps about how these algorithms could become even more efficient in a near future. 

Plus, we talk with our in-house expert Dhananjay Khadilkar about how mathematical models can help us predict and plan for future pandemics. 

And in our Test 24 segment, we try Aria by the French company Fluigent. The device is set to make the lives of biologists much easier - we tell you why. 

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