Jordan under virus curfew to launch home deliveries

Amman (AFP) –


Jordan is to launch a food delivery service for residents, the government said Monday, as a total lockdown to stem the spread of coronavirus entered its third day.

A round-the-clock curfew was imposed on Saturday across Jordan and authorities have decided to keep it in force until further notice, government spokesman Amjad Adayleh said.

The kingdom has reported 112 cases of the COVID-19 virus so far, but no officially declared deaths in the country of around 10 million people.

"The curfew will remain in place until further notice and you must stay at home and refrain from violating the precautionary instructions," Adayleh told a news conference.

He said the government would from Tuesday launch a scheme "to deliver basic necessities such as bread, drinking water and medicine to the homes of citizens".

Pharmacies and bakeries are to reopen "but will not provide direct sales" to citizens, Adayleh said.

Instead, Jordanians will buy food, water and other necessities under the plan drawn up in coordination with local municipalities and delivery companies.

The aim would be to avoid having Jordanians out on the streets rushing to bakeries, pharmacies and other shops in large numbers.

Jordan has scant water resources and many residents of the mostly desert kingdom buy water weekly from specialised companies.

Adayleh reminded citizens that anyone caught breaking the rules would be arrested and could face prison time.

An army spokesman said Monday that so far authorities have arrested 880 people who had violated the curfew.

Jordan imposed the curfew after citizens failed to heed earlier instructions not to leave home except for emergencies, and it deployed the army last week to enforce the measure.

Jordanian authorities earlier banned travel between provinces, sealed off the capital Amman and suspended public transport and flights.