NFL team owners expected to expand playoffs Tuesday

New York (AFP) –


NFL club owners are expected to add two teams to the league playoffs during a conference call Tuesday after an expanded format was approved in a new collective bargaining agreement.

The call replaces the NFL annual meeting earlier this month that was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A 75% majority vote of the 32 team owners would be required to approve the change, which would add a seventh postseason team in both the National and American conferences.

Under the revised format, only the top seed in the NFC and AFC would earn a first-round bye, not the two top seeds as in the current system.

The move would add an extra two first round playoff games, with the lowest remaining seed advancing to the second round against a well-rested top seed.

Owners would also have to decide on television deals for the new games.

Also to be discussed are plans for next month's NFL Draft, league measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak and schedule plans for the 2020 campaign set to open in September.