Will coronavirus spell the end of the hipster beard?


We look at the French junior economy minister's "wartime" call for businesses to adapt to the needs of the country, while Libération looks at how confinement has spurred "melancovid" in France, Lionel Messi announces he and his Barcelona teammates will take a pay cut to help amid the club's shutdown and an article looks at how the pandemic could seal the end of the hipster beard (or not!)


The French right-wing paper L’Opinion is looking at what it calls France’s wartime economy during coronavirus. It comes after an appeal from the junior economy minister to French businesses to convert their diverse know-how into making masks and disinfecting gel.

The French population has been in confinement for two weeks now and the effects are beginning to show. Libération, the French left-wing paper, is looking at what it is calling "melancovid" and how a lack of routine, being cooped up inside and social distancing have left a psychological impact on much of the population.

Barcelona striker Lionel Messi announced yesterday that he and his teammates will take a 70 percent pay cut to help the club during the pandemic. He said players would also make contributions to ensure the club’s non-footballing staff can earn their full salaries during the lockdown, earning him the nickname of "Barcelona's Che Guevara" in French sports paper L'Équipe. 

Finally, will coronavirus spell the end of the hipster beard? It's the question that an article from Le Figaro is asking. The head of France’s ER doctors association has advised medical staff mainly to shave off their beards for hygiene reasons. Staunch defenders of the beard, though, say it represents wisdom and knowledge, pointing to Prime Minister Édouard Philippe’s salt and pepper beard as proof of its necessity!

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