Confinement, week #3: Migrants, undocumented workers and a rise in child abuse


With France in its third week of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, FRANCE 24 brings you four reports showing how the crisis has disrupted the lives of us all, including the most vulnerable.


Homeless migrants who have been living in makeshift camps outside Paris are being moved to hotels and sports centres amid the coronavirus pandemic. Armelle Caux, Éléonore Vanel and Nadia Massih report on the volunteers trying to help them.

Also, our reporters Karim Yahiaoui and Emerald Maxwell take us to the French suburb of Montreuil, where for undocumented workers living in hostels, social distancing is simply impossible.

And as the lockdown continues in France, NGOs are concerned about a rise in child abuse. Alison Sargent, Marie Schuster and Armelle Caux have the story. Warning: viewers may find this report distressing.

Finally, the lockdown has dramatically changing our shopping habits. With outdoor markets closed and supermarkets sometimes difficult to access, home delivery is booming, as Alexandra Renard and Yuka Royer report.

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