French ski resort a slippery slope to virus for Ukraine MPs: report

Kiev (AFP) –


Several Ukrainian political figures who holidayed at a French ski resort have caught the coronavirus, and passed it on to others, a magazine reported Friday.

At least five deputies in the Ukrainian parliament, plus a judge, have caught the "Courchevel virus" according to the Novole Vremia weekly.

One of the MPs who caught the disease, Serghi Shakhov, and judge Viktoria Djarty confirmed that they had visited the Courchevel resort in the French Alps, which is very popular with Ukrainians and Russians, around March 18 which is a holiday in Ukraine.

Some fellow deputies caught the virus from Shakhov upon his return from France and had to be hospitalised and quarantined, according to the magazine.

Andriy Bohdan, a former head of Ukraine's presidential administration, also took a holiday at Courchevel in March.

He posted a photo of his COVID-19 test on Facebook, saying it was "negative".

Businessman Valery Khoroshkovsky, former head of the Ukraine secret service, was one of those hospitalised

Ukraine authorities have cordoned off a wealthy Kiev suburb where 30 of the country's 942 coronavirus cases have been recorded.

In Russia, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has pointed to the Courchevel resort as a source of the virus.

"Many" Muscovites have come back from he French ski resort, bringing the virus back in their suitcases," he said in late March.

Ski stations in Austria and the United States have also been hit by the virus, according to media reports.