From defending China to blaming China: How Trump fumbled Covid-19 approach


IN THE PAPERS - Friday, April 3: We look at reactions to Donald Trump's handling of the Covid-19 crisis as the US records the highest daily death toll of any country. Also, Libération looks at how the region around Paris is desperately lacking resources as the number of victims soars. Finally, a new science report finds that mice can show a range of emotions.


There is a lot of criticism of Donald Trump in the press and what the website Slate calls his "selfish and partisan" approach to the pandemic. Slate slams Trump for defending China in January and February against allegations that the real scale of the virus was not known. Then he began China-bashing, calling the virus "the Chinese virus" last month to "divert blame from his negligence". Trump has also used his press briefings to rail against the media. His response to the virus shows he’s only loyal to himself, Slate says.

All of this comes as the US recorded the highest daily death toll of any country, with 1,169 Covid-19 fatalities reported on Thursday. From treating the ill to burying the dead, the state of New York has been the worst hit. The New York Daily News is reporting that NY will deplete its stock of ventilators in just six days. 

Here in France, the Ile de France region which encompasses Paris is also struggling from a lack of beds, medication, resources and personnel amidst soaring numbers of patients. For French daily Libération, Ile de France has become "Ile de Souffrance", the island of suffering. 

Finally, we end with a lighter science story. Using videography, machine learning and brain imaging, researchers exposed mice to different triggers, like shocks to their tails or sweet treats… and they discovered that the rodents feel disgust, pleasure, pain and fear - and it’s all in the movement of their ears! Find out how they did it in The Scientist.

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