'Keep calm and stay home' says Kane amid virus lockdown

London (AFP) –


England captain Harry Kane has urged people to keep calm and stay home during the coronavirus.

Like many parts of the world, Britain has been locked down because of the pandemic and Tottenham striker Kane has reminded people of their responsibility to remain indoors as much as possible.

In a video posted on social media by the Football Association, Kane said the only option was to enjoy the extra time at home with loved ones.

"During this time I think it's important to just stay calm," Kane said.

"On a match day that's how I like to be so I'm using that same energy whilst I'm at home.

"We can only look after ourselves, we can only stay at home and help the healthcare services and everyone saving lives at the moment.

"There's no need to panic but I think it's important we do everything we can to help. Stay at home, be calm, spend some time with whoever you're living with and enjoy these moments."

The Premier League have said there is no date for football to resume at present, so Kane, who is recovering from a torn hamstring suffered on New Year's Day at Southampton, is keeping fit at home.

"I think this time away from football is a time to relax, to reflect. We have pretty hectic schedules, especially at this time of year when we're playing non-stop football," he said.

"I can keep fit with the gym, I'm fortunate enough to have these things in the house, but in general the most important thing is to rest up and be ready for when we start playing football again."