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One billion people in slums at risk of being infected with coronavirus


IN THE PAPERS - Thursday, April 9: French paper Liberation reports on concerns about restrictions on freedom continuing after the Covid-19 pandemic; Bernie Sanders slams Donald Trump in a piece for the Guardian; The New York Times looks at the fate of one billion people in slums at risk of being infected and finally one bored man in confinement recreates iconic movie posters adapted to current pandemic conditions!


The French left-leaning paper Libération is looking at what it calls a "confined freedom". The pandemic has allowed authorities to temporarily restrict personal freedom, with sometimes arbitrary police controls and possibly even digital tracking. Libé’s editor wonders if these measures will actually disappear post-pandemic or if they will "slowly instill an authoritarian poison into the social order".

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders quit his campaign yesterday. In today’s Guardian, Sanders accuses Trump of continuing to act out of political self-interest during the pandemic. He calls on Congress to take over leadership and provide the courage and boldness needed to respond to the situation. 

The New York Times, meanwhile, looks at the fate of a billion people in crowded slums around the world who are at risk of contracting coronavirus. Beyond food rations and cash transfers, the paper urges governments to do more for them, advocating partnerships with local groups, citing the example of Brazilian gangs who have built hand-washing stalls at the entrances of some slums.

Finally, many of us have let our creative juices flow during this confinement period. One man decided to recreate iconic film posters adapted to the pandemic conditions. Amélie Poulain wouldn't be without a surgical mask, if she could get one, as would Uma Thurman in "Pulp Fiction". Finally, Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise would certainly be respecting their 2 metre distance in "Rain Man"! You can check out more posters on the French HuffPost website.

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