Evangelical NGO sets up Covid-19 field hospital in New York’s Central Park

The field hospital in New York's Central Park was set up on April 1.
The field hospital in New York's Central Park was set up on April 1. © FRANCE 24 screengrab

A field hospital in Central Park is helping to treat the tens of thousands of New Yorkers who have been infected with Covid-19. Although the hospital has been set up by a controversial evangelical NGO, the city’s lack of hospital beds means the mayor and governor are ready to accept any help they can get. FRANCE 24 reports.


Located on the edge of New York’s sprawling Central Park, the field hospital, consisting of several white tents, has enough beds to take in 68 patients. It also has 10 respirators. Despite the city’s general lack of protective gear for healthcare workers, this particular field hospital seems to be well-stocked.

“We start by putting on our boots, and [over] there we also have some face shields that help protect our face,” a field hospital worker tells FRANCE 24.

“Every single day, we, the staff, take our temperature once in the morning, and once at night to make sure that we remain asymptomatic.”

The hospital was set up on April 1 by the evangelical Christian NGO “Samaritan’s Purse” – which is against both gay marriage and abortion – but the dire situation in New York, the epicentre for the United States’ coronavirus outbreak, has led both Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo to turn a blind eye to the NGO’s controversial views.

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