Celine Dion salutes 'heroic' workers in pandemic fight

Ottawa (AFP) –


Canadian singer Celine Dion has posted a heartfelt thanks to the "heroic" workers on the frontline in the pandemic fight, while urging her fans to respect social distancing rules.

The Instagram video shot in the superstar's kitchen had been viewed by more than 200,000 as of 1300 GMT Thursday.

"Let's take care of each other and I know we'll get through it all together," she told her fans in the clip.

"There are a lot of heroes out there in the field who go to work every day risking and sacrificing their lives for us," she said.

"These people have families and relatives they worry about, but they still go to work to serve, to save us."

Dion went on to list health professionals, first responders, social workers and essential service providers such as grocers and delivery staff, saying: "We can never thank you enough."

"We salute your courage and we pray. Thank you so much for the heroic work you do for our world. We will be eternally grateful to you for that."

Dion herself is self-isolating.

In September she kicked off her first world tour in a decade to promote her new album "Courage" -- the first without her husband-manager Rene Angelil, who died from cancer in 2016.

In mid-March, she announced the tour was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the first 17 shows in North America in Denver, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Winnipeg and other cities cancelled or postponed.