Sheffield United manager Wilder takes wage deferral

London (AFP) –


Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder said on Monday that he has agreed a deferral in wages and bonus payments to ease the financial pressure from the coronavirus pandemic.

Wilder is joining Blades chief executive Stephen Bettis and senior members of the coaching staff in taking deferrals that are set to last for six months.

The gesture will help the Premier League club keep the remainder of their staff on full pay.

"It is a difficult time for everyone and that includes football clubs and this particular measure is all about our football club," Wilder said.

"I've had similar experiences of cash flow problems at other clubs and I'm delighted that my staff have supported me in assisting our club in a small way."

Sheffield United were seventh in the Premier League when play was suspended due to the pandemic in March.

The English top flight remains postponed indefinitely, sparking fears that clubs at all levels will take a huge financial hit due to the sudden drop in income.

Like most Premier League teams, the Blades are yet to reach agreement with their players over whether they should defer or cut wages because of the virus lockdown.

Liverpool, Tottenham and Bournemouth have all reversed decisions to furlough non-play staff in the face of public criticism, while Newcastle and Norwich still plan to use the UK government's job retention scheme.