Denmark's post-lockdown priority? Haircuts!


IN THE PAPERS - Tuesday, April 21: Papers in Israel react to the power-sharing deal between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and centrist rival Benny Gantz. In France, Le Parisien is wondering what protests will look like in the age of social distancing, and The Washington Post reports on a luxury compound in Saint-Tropez that has sparked anger with its private coronavirus testing centre. And as their country's lockdown starts to be lifted, all of Denmark heads out for a haircut - including the prince!


Israeli papers are marking the end of what they say has been a "historic crisis" in Israeli politics, even if it's not the end anyone was hoping for. One commentator at The Jerusalem Post quotes the Rolling Stones, writing "you can’t always get what you want", but in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak an emergency government is "definitely" what the country needs.

For many left-wing Israelis, though, it’s nothing short of an "abomination" - that’s according to left-leaning paper Ha’aretz. Still, they write that replacing Netanyahu’s "xenophobic, nationalist... ultra-right government" with a "saner, rational right" is nothing to sniff at. The paper also warns that "instead of national unity, Israel could wind up with a perpetual battle royale".

Before the coalition deal was made, Israelis held an anti-government protest that respected two-metre guidelines for social distancing. French paper Le Parisien is wondering if that could be used as a template for future protests here in France. The paper notes that some unions and Yellow Vests have already been talking about breaking lockdown to hold a day of civil disobedience on May 1,  all while wearing masks and respecting health guidelines.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post has an article that could help stoke the Yellow Vests' anger. It’s about a luxury compound in Saint-Tropez where billionaires - including the head of luxury giant LVMH - have access to their own private coronavirus testing site. The paper reports that local doctors are "scandalised" - they themselves have almost no access to testing.

Finally, despite being a royal, the Prince of Denmark spent his Monday much the same way as the average Dane: getting a haircut! As the country lifted parts of its lockdown, salons and barber shops were overwhelmed by people seeking haircuts. Prince Frederik was among them and he shared his before and after photos on Instagram.

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