Australian soap opera first show to resume 'socially distanced' filming


IN THE PAPERS - Wednesday, April 22: We look at how the press is covering Earth Day's 50th anniversary. Also, Britain will begin its first human vaccine trials tomorrow and Australian soap opera "Neighbours" is the first show to resume filming, albeit with strict social distancing measures!


As Earth Day marks 50 years, the website Vox is looking at what we’ve learnt about the environment in just the last year. For one thing, Australia’s worst bushfire season this year offered a glimpse into what awaits many countries around the world if action is not taken to combat climate change. On the upside, though, one US scientific institution added 71 new species last year and, Vox says, humans are starting to finally understand the superpowers of forests. One guest writer for the Guardian, meanwhile, says this year could be the year we stop taking the Earth for granted: “The pandemic offers new opportunities to set the path for a more fruitful future. But only if we quit being the enemy of nature.” 

Staying with the British press, the Times of London reports that Britain will begin its first human Covid-19 vaccine trials tomorrow. Health Minister Matt Hancock says the government will throw everything at becoming the first country to develop a vaccine. There are currently 100 human trials around the world. Many medical professionals say the only way out of the pandemic is by finding a vaccine. 

Finally, Australian soap opera Neighbours will become the first show to resume filming next week. There’ll be no kissing or holding hands - actors will practice socially distancing, with camera trickery making it look like they’re closer together! Crew members will stand in for extras in the background and a nurse will be on set the whole time. The website Deadline says if successful, it could set a roadmap for reopening Hollywood.

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