Can machine learning help predict severe cases of Covid-19?


In this edition, we tell you how artificial intelligence is assisting scientists not only in developing new drug molecules, but also how it's helping predict the most severe cases of Covid-19. This as it can quickly comb through huge amounts of scientific and medical data looking for connections. 


The science fiction writer Isaac Asimov would be surprised to see how helpful robots are proving to be during the current pandemic. They've been put to work in a variety of ways all over the world, from delivering groceries to taking temperatures and disinfecting public spaces.

Plus, we speak to Dr. Anasse Bari, an expert in AI, and Dr. Meghan Coffee about how they've turned to AI and machine learning to find the top signs of a patient likely to develop a severe case of Covid-19. 

And in Test 24, Dhananjay Khadilkar takes an online chess course with a grandmaster, Daniel King. They discuss how technology has changed the game over time.

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