China's disinformation campaign in Europe creates dilemma for EU leaders


IN THE PAPERS - Tuesday, April 28: We bring you reactions from the French press as the government unveils its plans for ending lockdown in France. Politico looks at a continuing Chinese disinformation campaign being led by Chinese diplomats in Europe, which has put EU leaders in a bind. Finally, a famed Australian immunologist accidentally mixes up Google search and Twitter in his quest for the opening hours of his local alcohol shop - prompting hilarious responses!


This Tuesday, French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe will present to the National Assembly the government’s much-anticipated outline for ending lockdown on May 11. For the French paper L’Opinion, a lot is riding on this for the government and for Philippe, whose handling of the crisis has been much criticised. The PM is depicted as a test dummy, as you see in a Kak cartoon, conducting a series of crash tests for Emmanuel Macron. 

For the French paper Le Parisien, as the country slowly re-opens, pressure is on to avoid a repeat lockdown situation. The headline reads: come May 11, everything had better be ready. 

Meanwhile, China is continuing to spread a disinformation campaign in Europe. The website Politico reports that articles published by Chinese diplomats in France and Germany have sought to deflect criticism of China’s handling of the outbreak in Wuhan. It's prompted tensions with European leaders, who are in a dilemma between reprimanding China and needing China to pull the continent out of the looming economic crisis. 

And finally, a famed Australian immunologist and Nobel laureate has gained the hearts of internet users after a social media mix-up. Professor Peter Doherty simply typed "Dan Murphy opening hours" into Twitter, instead of Google search, in reference to the Australian bottle shop chain. His mishap prompted a flood of replies, including multiple offers to pick up alcohol for the esteemed professor, whose foundation has been at the forefront of coronavirus research in Australia. He did eventually get his answer and picked up over 1,000 new followers in the process!

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