Afrobeat founder and iconic drummer Tony Allen dies aged 79


IN THE PAPERS - Friday, May 1: We look at editorial reactions as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is expected to break his silence about sexual assault allegations. Also, legendary Nigerian drummer and Afrobeat founder Tony Allen dies suddenly aged 79. Finally, a new challenge, this time for museum curators: posting your weirdest objects on display!


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is expected to break his silence over sexual assault allegations this Friday on US morning TV. Tara Reade, a former Biden Senate staffer, initially accused Biden of sexually assaulting her in the 1990s when she was on his Senate staff. For the LA Times editors, if we have learned anything from the #MeToo movement, it’s that accusations of sexual impropriety by a powerful man should be taken seriously. The conservative Wall Street Journal editors, meanwhile, take aim at the "troubling double standards" between sexual assault charges against Donald Trump’s Supreme Court justice pick Brett Kavanaugh and Biden. The paper slams the liberal press and prominent female Democratic politicians for dismissing Reade, while supporting Kavanaugh's accuser for similar allegations.

In other news today, the music world has lost an icon. Nigerian drummer Tony Allen has died suddenly in Paris. The self-taught legendary drummer was credited with creating Afrobeat, along with former bandmate Fela Kuti. Quartz Africa says his rhythmic beats laid the foundation for Fela Kuti's politically charged music in the 1960s and 1970s that also made them a target of the Nigerian military government.

Finally, after the Getty Museum challenge, there’s now a new one for museum curators. Under the hashtag #Curatorbattle, museums around the world have been invited to post their weirdest objects on display. As you can see in the Huffington Post, there is no shortage of strange displays… From a cat stuck in the wall of a house built in 1850, to a bear that drinks water and stares at you, to a strange two-headed animal!

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