Road closures and bike paths: Is Paris headed for a car-free future post-lockdown?


IN THE PAPERS - Tuesday, May 5: We look at Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's speech after an alleged coup attempt against him at the weekend. Le Parisien looks at Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo's plans to limit cars in the city. In Russia, three doctors have now "fallen out of windows" after complaining about their working conditions. Finally, fans recreate iconic New York Met Gala dresses at home after the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.


There's focus on Venezuela in the papers after President Nicolas Maduro reacted to an alleged attempted overthrow in a televised speech. The President blamed the US and Venezuelan opposition for the murky operation and said his government has captured two US citizens. The Washington Post has confirmed this capture after speaking with a former US military serviceman who's been linked to the operation.

Here in France, Le Parisien is looking at Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo's plans to make the city car-free, a cornerstone of her mayorship. From road closures to pedestrianizing train stations to 50km of bike paths, she says it's "out of the question" to allow cars to invade the city once the lockdown is lifted, as the paper says in its headline.

Buzzfeed is looking at the mysterious deaths of three doctors in Russia who've spoken out about their working conditions. It comes as Covid-19 cases hit record numbers in the country. In one case, a doctor complained about being forced to work while sick with the virus. He and two others ended up falling out of windows. Two have reportedly died and one is in a serious condition.

Finally, the virus forced the cancellation of fashion's night of nights, the Vogue New York Met Gala, which would have been held yesterday. But it didn't stop fans at home from taking on a challenge to recreate iconic dresses. From toilet paper and tin foil, to newspapers and using a chandelier as a headdress, fans haven’t been short on creativity! You can check out their outfits in this article from Page Six.

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