UK's top lockdown advisor resigns after breaking rules for lover


IN THE PAPERS - Wednesday, May 6: We look at the UK coronavirus death toll - the highest in Europe. Meanwhile, the country's top lockdown advisor quits after breaking social distancing rules to meet his lover. In France, Libération looks at the worrying fate of the arts sector which has been badly hit by the lockdown. Finally, Tom Cruise could become the first actor to shoot a movie... in space!


It’s a grim new milestone for the UK in the papers today. The country officially has the worst coronavirus death toll in Europe – 29,427 lives lost, surpassing Italy. The Guardian says the death toll has prompted calls for an inquiry into the authorities’ handling of the pandemic, in particular accusations that they were slow to order the lockdown.

Now the man who recommended that lockdown is also making the front pages, but for all the wrong reasons. Professor Neil Ferguson has resigned after it was revealed that he broke his own social distancing rules to allow his married mistress to come and visit him, just after he had finished self-isolating for coronavirus.

French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to unveil plans for reviving what Libération calls the French arts sector in distress. From concerts to festivals to cinemas and museums, the sector has been badly hit by the lockdown and could face a more complicated future with social distancing rules. 

Hearty congratulations to FRANCE 24's correspondent in Madagascar. Gaëlle Borgia is part of a team who won a Pulitzer Prize for a series of New York Times articles about Russian interference in Madagascar's 2018 presidential elections. You can read more about it on our France 24 website! 

Finally, some risky business for Tom Cruise. According to the New York Times, the actor is "in talks" with NASA to shoot a film in space! No word yet if it will be a new film from the Mission Impossible franchise. If it goes ahead though, he’d be the first actor to cruise into space for a film.

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