Police say arrested wife of NFL star held gun to his head

Washington (AFP) –


The wife of Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas was arrested after saying she pointed a loaded gun at her husband's head after finding him in bed with another woman, according to Texas police.

The April 13 early morning incident, first reported by celebrity website TMZ based on court records, took place in Austin, Texas, and did not result in charges against Thomas, a 2014 Super Bowl champion with Seattle who joined the Ravens last year for his 10th NFL campaign.

Nina Thomas, Earl's wife, was arrested and charged with family violence for burglary of a residence with intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Two women who accompanied Nina Thomas were also charged with burglary.

According to TMZ, Earl Thomas left his wife at home after an argument and departed with his brother. Nina Thomas logged into her husband's Snapchat account and found Earl was with another woman.

She tracked him through Snapchat to a rental house and brought his pistol with her to confront him, TMZ reported, discovering the brothers naked in bed with women.

Police said a cell phone video of the incident showed Nina point the gun at Earl's head with her finger on the trigger. Nina told police she did not think the gun could fire without its magazine inserted, but was unaware, police said according to TMZ, that a round was loaded in the chamber.

Police said Earl was able to wrestle the gun away from his wife even as she repeatedly hit him and then they arrived she was chasing him with a knife while he had the pistol.

Nina Thomas was released from jail after posting $25,000 bail and issued a restraining order denying her contact with her husband or the woman who was with him for 60 days, according to the report.

Nina's attorney, Jonathan Goins, told TMZ that "my client unequivocally and categorically denies these allegations and we look forward to our day in court where we can clear her good name."

- 'Pray for us' -

Earl Thomas, who turned 31 on Thursday, is a seven-time Pro Bowl defensive back who has made 713 tackles, intercepted 30 passes and broken up 72 more while recovering 11 fumbles and making three sacks.

He had two interceptions, a fumble recovery and 49 tackles last season for the Ravens, plus a team-high seven tackles in a second-round playoff loss to Tennessee.

"We became aware of the situation when we read and saw it on the reports late last night and early this morning," a Ravens spokesman said Thursday.

Earl Thomas, who also played at the University of Texas in Austin, spoke about the incident in a social media video.

"Instead of talking about it, just keep us in y'all's prayers," he said. "Stuff like this happens, bro. We try to live the best lives we possibly can but sometimes it don't go as planned.

"Just pray for us as we go through this stuff. We're back talking. I'm seeing my kids so just keep us in your prayers."