Computer vision: Detecting counterfeit products online


We discover how a French start-up is using computer vision to help authorities track counterfeit products online. Plus, from ultraviolet rays to new doorknob mechanisms and novel fabric, we give you an overview of the most impressive innovations to help reduce the risk of contamination.


In this edition, we tell you how disinfectant solutions that use ultraviolet light have become a global hit. Though there hasn't been enough research yet on whether it can stop SARS-CoV-2 specifically, UVC is known to kill other kinds of coronavirus. Today, one small start-up in Germany can barely keep up with orders.

Plus, Dhananjay Khadilkar gives us other examples of innovative gadgets to help decontaminate objects and surroundings but also help reduce the risk of contagion.  

We then speak to Antoine Tesquier-Tedeschi, the director of development at French start-up LTU, about how it's using computer vision to help authorities track counterfeit products online. The start-up, which recently raised €4.5 million, uses computer vision, image matching, similarity and colour search to track down false treatments but also false replicas of artwork. 

And in Test 24, Captain Dhan steps into a virtual cockpit to take a flying lesson from former fighter pilot Pierre-Henri Chuet. 

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