New York City virus deaths may be thousands more than official toll: study

New York (AFP) –


New York City's coronavirus death toll may be several thousand more than the local government's official tally, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report Monday.

About 24,172 more people died in the Big Apple between March 11 and May 2 than researchers would expect at that time of the year, according to the CDC's analysis.

During that period, the city declared 13,831 confirmed COVID-19 deaths and 5,048 probable deaths for a total of 18,879 fatalities linked to the virus.

"The 5,293 excess deaths not identified as confirmed or probable COVID-19–associated deaths might have been directly or indirectly attributable to the pandemic," the report said.

New York state has been hardest hit by America's outbreak, with more than 26,600 declared deaths, according to a running tally by Johns Hopkins University.