Australian aquarium sends divers to cuddle 'lonely' fish seeking human touch


IN THE PAPERS - Thursday, May 14: We look at accusations of coronavirus research hacking being levelled against China by the US and the reactions in the Chinese press. Also, Le Figaro looks at why the African continent has so far been relatively spared by coronavirus. Finally, an Australian aquarium sends in an extra diver to comfort its lonely fish!


A lot of news sites are reporting on a rare public statement on Wednesday by the FBI and the US cybersecurity agency, accusing state-sponsored Chinese hackers of trying to steal data about coronavirus vaccines, treatments and testing. The tech website CNET says that cyberattacks on health organisations have increased during the pandemic. Last week, Reuters revealed that Iran-backed hackers were linked to an attack on Gilead Sciences, the company behind the antiviral medication Remdesivir. The Chinese government paper The Global Times has been quick to respond, calling the claims sensational, lacking evidence and proof of US dirty tricks, while suggesting that China protects itself from a potential US hack of its labs. 

Here in France, Le Figaro is looking at what it calls the surprising resistance of the African continent against coronavirus and why. Whether the virus has yet to really affect the continent or not, Le Figaro outlines factors that help African countries: the warm climate, indirect immunity through anti-malaria drugs or previous viruses, plus demographics: the majority of Covid-19 victims in Africa are over 65, representing just 3 percent of the continent's population. 

The New York Times brings us some good news at last: the US is on track to produce more electricity from renewable power than from coal for the first time on record. It’s partly due to the pandemic, with the lockdown resulting in a drop in demand for electricity and utilities cutting back on coal plants. It's also part of a shift in the US towards renewable energies, despite Donald Trump's efforts to help the coal industry. 

Finally, an aquarium in Australia is sending in an extra diver to cuddle with its lonely fish. Staff noticed that when the aquarium was shut during the lockdown, many fish kept looking for human visitors. One outgoing fish called Chang even stopping eating and begun sulking! The aquarium has sent in three divers to give some company to the lonely fish – you can read all about it in the Daily Mail.

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