The new normal: FRANCE 24 reports from Greece to Argentina

THE NEW NORMAL © France 24 screengrab

In our show "The New Normal", which examines the consequences of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, FRANCE 24 brings you four reports from our correspondents around the globe. 


Our reports on Covid-19 include:

  • Greece hopes to salvage its tourist season, by Nathalie Savvaricas and her team.
  • Fears of social unrest in China as the economy tanks and job losses peak, by Charles Pellegrin and his team.
  • China's medical aid helps Zimbabwe fight the coronavirus, by Caroline Dumay and her team.
  • Despite the pandemic, political and social unrest continues in Lebanon.
  • In Argentina, an explosion of infections hits one of the biggest slums in Buenos Aires, by Mathilde Guillaume and her team.


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