Has the new Cold War between China and the US already begun?


IN THE PAPERS - Thursday, May 28: The French papers are wondering if the new Cold War has already begun between the US and China, brought on by tensions from the coronavirus crisis. Also, the US passes the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths and a New York-based Indian chef is using his fame to help feed people back home.


Are China and the US locked in a new Cold War? That's the question some of the French papers are asking. For La Croix, the coronavirus crisis has intensified tensions between the two countries that now find themselves in a battle for influence that could divide the whole world. Like Winston Churchill’s speech in 1946 which forged the term Iron Curtain, La Croix wonders today: will Donald Trump's tweets be seen by future historians as having sparked the new Cold War? The right-wing paper L'Opinion notes, however, that this is a different era and the balance of power between the two countries is not as clear-cut as in the past. The paper's cartoonist Kak has Donald Trump standing triumphantly on the podium there while Xi Jinping simply builds his own pedestal. Meanwhile, the Communist party-run Global Times is acknowledging that China is hunkering down for a "long-term battle" with the US. But in its editorial, it remains defiant that the era of the US intimidating Beijing is now over.

The US has moved past a grim milestone, recording more than 100,000 deaths from coronavirus. The Washington Post's cartoonist Ann Telnaes awards Trump a certificate for this mortal milestone. After all, she says, he seems to enjoy signing and displaying his name.

We end on a lighter note. After cooking for the Obamas and creating meals costing tens of thousands of dollars, New York-based chef Vikas Khanna has now turned his focus to feeding India's hungry. With the help of local organisations, the Indian-born chef has distributed seven million packets of dry food and cooked meals in over one hundred Indian cities. It's also led to an unexpected consequence: he's been swamped with marriage proposals! You can read about that in The New York Times.

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