Week in Review: Brazil becomes a Covid-19 epicentre and Hollywood mulls its red carpet options

Week in Review
Week in Review © France 24 screen grabs

FRANCE 24 takes a look at how Brazil has become a Covid-19 hotspot and how nations from Argentina to Greece are dealing with the pandemic. Meanwhile, Hollywood searches for socially distant alternatives to red carpet glamour, Portugal tries to save its tourist season and post-lockdown Parisians flock to the painters’ haven of Barbizon for a breath of fresh air.     



Macron government negotiates hospital revamp in wake of Covid-19 

The French health ministry has opened negotiations with healthcare personnel over a suite of reforms to hospitals and nursing homes. But some already doubt that the reforms will live up to the “massive” investment promised by President Emmanuel Macron.

Telephone campaigning, proxy voting: An unusual second round for France’s municipal elections

The second round of local and mayoral elections will be held on June 28, three and a half months after the first. Covid-19 means that candidates will have to campaign without meeting voters, who are themselves encouraged to vote by proxy or wear masks.

Between old and new empires, Hong Kong’s fate exposes stakes in Covid-19 era

China’s latest move to impose a new security law for Hong Kong has exposed Britain’s weakness on the international stage. But all eyes are on the US response as the future of the semi-autonomous territory is caught up in geopolitical wrangling between the world’s dominant powers.

Anti-government protesters march again Beijing's plans to impose national security legislation in Hong Kong, May 24, 2020.
Anti-government protesters march again Beijing's plans to impose national security legislation in Hong Kong, May 24, 2020. REUTERS - Tyrone Siu

Latin American countries face uphill battle against Covid-19 pandemic

While the Covid-19 pandemic appears to be coming under control in Asia and Europe, it continues to wreak havoc in Latin America. The World Health Organization has described this as a “new epicentre”. FRANCE 24 provides an overview of the situation in these countries, which are trying to achieve a balance between protective health measures and the need to start reviving the economy.


Protecting or profiling? French divided over coronavirus tracing app

French lawmakers have approved a government-backed cellphone app that will alert users if they have been in contact with a person infected by the coronavirus. Set to be launched this weekend, the StopCovid app – the use of which is voluntary – was designed to keep track of users who have been in close proximity over a two-week period. Privacy defenders have expressed fears that the app marks the first step towards a society under constant surveillance.

Parisians flock to the painters’ haven of Barbizon for a breath of fresh air

After two months of lockdown (or "confinement" in French) and with the Paris gardens still closed to the public, Parisians starved of nature are flocking to the picturesque village of Barbizon, a gateway to the vast forest of Fontainebleau and a magnet for art lovers.

De nombreux visiteurs ont choisi ce week-end le village impressionniste de Barbizon, pour s'évader de Paris, après deux mois de confinement.
De nombreux visiteurs ont choisi ce week-end le village impressionniste de Barbizon, pour s'évader de Paris, après deux mois de confinement. © France 24




'France and those supporting Haftar are on the wrong side of the Libyan conflict,' Erdogan spokesman says

Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesperson for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, discussed the situation in Libya, where Turkey has sent troops to support the UN-backed Tripoli-based government fighting rebel commander Khalifa Haftar.



A trip back in time: the traditional fireplaces of southwestern France

Fireplaces are the heart of a household in southwestern France, where the d'Artagnan chimney at the castle of Castelmore takes us back to the 17th century and the fireplaces of Mayragues chateau are lavishly decorated.

Vous êtes ici
Vous êtes ici © France 24


Special programme: Brazil, Latin America’s Covid-19 epicentre

With Brazil's Covid-19 death toll surpassing 25,000, sometimes at the rate of more than 1,000 per day, the World Health Organization has declared it the "most affected" country in South America, the new epicentre of the coronavirus. In this special edition of Inside The Americas, we see how the poorest and most isolated Brazilians are paying a heavy price while President Jair Bolsonaro continues to downplay the pandemic.



France's cultural industry eager to bounce back after lockdown

The month of May is usually synonymous with the Cannes Film Festival in France. But this year, the world's biggest movie festival did not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it's cinema, theatre or music, France's prized cultural sector has taken a hit from the lockdown and it's unclear when things will improve. The French government has unveiled a rescue plan, but will it be enough? 



The new normal: FRANCE 24 reports from Greece to Argentina

"The New Normal" programme examines the consequences of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with reports from our correspondents around the globe.



Post-confinement week #2: the Loire Valley reopens to tourists and adapting to work from home  

As France eases its coronavirus lockdown measures, FRANCE 24 brings you four reports on the consequences of the pandemic from around the country.



Film show: Hollywood searches for alternative red carpet options 

We take a look at some coronavirus-safe red-carpet options, how to recreate the cinema experience in your own home and the online retrospective of American independent filmmaker Mark Rappaport from the Munich Film Museum. This week's film picks include Romanian director Anca Damian's "Marona's Fantastic Tale" and Irish director Lorcan Finnegan's dystopian oddity, "Vivarium."


TV show: Paris jazz drama from 'La La Land' director Damien Chazelle in 'The Eddy'  

A look at the long-awaited jazz drama "The Eddy" from the director of "Whiplash" and "La La Land", Damien Chazelle, and HBO's indie show about female skateboarders trying to smash the patriarchy in their sport: "Betty" from director Crystal Moselle. 


Covid-19: Divided States of America

In the United States, the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is deepening the divide between Republicans and Democrats. Faced with scientists’ decisions and the restrictions that they imply, supporters of President Donald Trump are invoking their rights set out in the First and Second Amendments of the US Constitution. Our team reports from Florida and Louisiana, two states in the south of the country, where the political battle is raging.


Covid-19: Portugal hopes summer tourist season can be saved

Portugal has seen relatively few cases of coronavirus compared to its European neighbours but Covid-19 has nevertheless dealt a heavy economic blow. The country is highly dependent on tourism, which makes up nearly a quarter of its GDP, and Portugal is hoping the summer season can still be saved. In hotels, airports and on beaches, measures are being put in place to ensure a safe stay for tourists. 

© France 24


Paying the price: The pandemic’s economic impact on women

With businesses worldwide closing or reducing staff, millions are losing their jobs. We report on how the recession brought on by the pandemic could lead to a prolonged dip in women's incomes and labour participation across the globe. Also, what is it like to be fired over Zoom?



Life after Covid-19: A long road to recovery

Thousands of French people have contracted Covid-19 and come out the other side. But a long road to recovery lies ahead for some and others will experience lingering symptoms. We talk to an infectious disease specialist about immunity, vaccines and the discrimination Covid-19 survivors may face. Also, the heartwarming story of 103-year-old Hélène-François, who beat the virus after three months in hospital.


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