Diasporas in the coronavirus era, Part 3: Colombian singer Nancy Murillo

Colombian singer Nancy Murillo.
Colombian singer Nancy Murillo. © France 24 screengrab

This week, FRANCE 24 looks at how immigrants who’ve come to France from all parts of the world have coped with the Covid-19 lockdown. In the third of a five-part daily series, Colombian musician Nancy Murillo reveals her emotional and economic survival strategy.


In a vibrant, flowing blue-and-yellow shirt, Murillo belts out a tune in a Paris park as she beats a drum. The Colombian singer is used to performing in packed concert halls. But while Covid-19 social distancing measures remain in place, that’s not possible any more.

So the vivacious singer has been getting a buzz from simply singing in city parks. “You do what you can to help with the wait,” Murillo said. “But we do need to ask ourselves how performers can keep going, keep singing and dancing and making a living.”

To watch the report from FRANCE 24's Karim Yahiaoui, Natalia Ruiz Giraldo and Catherine Norris-Trent, click on the video player above.


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