Ex-cop in custody after shooting black man in Atlanta


Washington (AFP)

A white former police officer was taken into custody in the United States on Thursday after being charged with the murder of a black man outside a fast-food restaurant, in the latest case to spark fury.

Garrett Rolfe, who was fired after the killing, is being held at Fulton County jail, according to its website, over the death of Rayshard Brooks, who was shot dead in Atlanta last week.

Brooks' shooting came less than three weeks after a Minneapolis police officer's killing of handcuffed African American George Floyd fuelled nationwide uproar over racism and police brutality.

Fellow officer Devin Brosnan, who has agreed to become a witness for the state in the investigation, also surrendered on Thursday over assault charges, but was released on bail.

Brosnan and Rolfe, 27, found Brooks sleeping in his car in the drive-through line at a Wendy's restaurant last Friday.

Over a calm 20-minute interaction, they gave him an alcohol test and, after it proved positive, sought to arrest him for driving under the influence.

After a brief struggle, Brooks ran off with one of the officers' Tasers and, as he swung his arm back to point it at them, Rolfe shot Brooks twice in the back.