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Diasporas in the coronavirus era, Part 5: Algerian singer Idir

A portrait of late Algerian singer Idir at his home outside Paris.
A portrait of late Algerian singer Idir at his home outside Paris. © France 24

This week, FRANCE 24 has been looking at how those who have come to live here from elsewhere have coped during France's stringent coronavirus lockdown. In the fifth and final episode of the series, we meet with the daughter of late Kabyle musician Idir, who passed away during the pandemic.


Singer Idir was a leading cultural ambassador of his native Kabylie and its Berber language and an icon of the Algerian community in France. When he died in May at the age of 70 of an illness unrelated to Covid-19, the news was difficult to stomach for many of his fans, already going through trying times.

FRANCE 24 met with Idir's daughter, Tanina Cheriet, at the singer's home outside Paris. Cheriet says she and her father were very close. "I found it very difficult that I couldn't come and see him because I caught coronavirus," she says.

Now that Idir is gone, his daughter says, "One of his fundamental principles, values that we are holding on to, is his humanism, his universalism." She adds, "He was Kabyle, but he was a man of the world."

To watch the report from FRANCE 24's Karim Yahiaoui, Tahar Hani and Catherine Norris-Trent, click on the video player above.

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