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Tanzanian miner becomes millionaire after 14kg gemstone find


IN THE PAPERS - Thursday, June 25: We look at how local communities in the US have been rocked by a spate of black men found hanging from tree branches. Also, Moroccan journalist Omar Radi is being summoned by local authorities in an investigation into foreign financing, just days after Amnesty International accused the government of illegally spying on him. Also, a Tanzanian miner hits the jackpot, becoming a millionaire after the biggest gem find in the country and a New Zealand casting call needs "funky-looking" people, presumably for the new "Lord of the Rings" series!


We start with The Washington Post which looks at investigations into a spate of African American men found hanging. On the sidelines of the recent Black Lives Matter uprising, some of the ugliest, most resonant symbols of white resistance to the civil rights movement have come to light. The Post is looking at multiple black men who were found hanging from tree branches and cross burnings in the south are also under investigation. In the case of Robert Fuller, a young man found hanging in Palmdale, California, his death was ruled a suicide by authorities, but local residents have demanded an independent inquiry, proof of how little trust there is now in local police departments. In this community of Palmdale, black and Latino residents make up over 70 percent of the population and say they're frequently targeted by police. One activist is quoted as saying that the leadership in Palmdale hold similar views to white residents who resist integration, but that they can't express them.

To Morocco now where judicial authorities have summoned a high-profile investigative journalist, Omar Radi. This story is really about freedom of the press in Morocco. Le Monde reports that Radi has been summoned, accused of allegedly receiving foreign financing in exchange for sharing confidential information about Morocco. For Radi, though, the timing is more than suspicious. It comes just two days after Amnesty International accused Moroccan authorities of spying on him with Israeli technology. Radi was also found guilty of a tweet criticising Moroccan justice at the beginning of the year.

To Tanzania now where a miner has become a millionaire overnight after a major find. In Tanzanian currency, he’s even become a billionaire! Saniniu Laizer found two dark violet-blue gemstones weighing in at a total of over 14kg. It’s the biggest find in the history of the country, the local paper The Citizen reports. He's now sold those gemstones to the government for over $3 million. The miner told the BBC that he will have a party but also wants to build a shopping mall and a school for people in his community who can't afford to send their kids to school.

A viral video from earlier this month continues to make waves in the press today: an American mom posted a video showing us how to make British tea. And she managed to offend a whole nation! Her short video shows her microwaving water, then pouring milk and adding the teabag. It has even reached the UK's embassy in the US, where ambassador Karen Pierce posted her own video of how to make British tea. She also then called in the British military – army, navy and air – who in turn also posted videos of how they make tea while out on mission. The ambassador reminding people that the US-UK relationship was founded on tea, in reference to the Boston Tea Party! 

Let's end with an unusual casting call. A New Zealand agency posted an ad on Facebook, presumably for the "Lord of the Rings" TV series, calling on "funky-looking" people…the more unusual the better! Specifically they need actors with acne scars, deep cheekbones, facial lines, large eyes, bulbous noses and missing bones. They also need lots of redheads. So if you fit the bill, apply straight away, you could be in the next "Lord of the Rings" series! You can read all about that in the Daily Mail.

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