The new normal: FRANCE 24 reports from Cameroon to Italy


In our show "The New Normal", which examines the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, FRANCE 24 brings you four reports from our correspondents around the globe. 


Our reports on Covid-19:

  • In Italy, the northern city of Venice emptied considerably during the coronavirus lockdown. The lack of visitors has led to soul-searching on the need to rethink mass tourism. Charlotte Davan Wetton and her team report.


  • In Tunisia, the trafficking of migrants has started up again despite the coronavirus crisis. Lila Blaise and Hamdi Tlili went to meet some of those who want to make the perilous journey across the Mediterranean in the hope of a better life.


  • In Cameroon, health professionals and families are doing their best to care for the elderly. Like elsewhere, senior citizens are among those most at risk if they catch the virus. Indira Ayuk and her team report.


  • And in the US, amid the ongoing health crisis, social issues have come to the fore with the Black Lives Matter movement. New York's Episcopal Church has decided to take responsibility for its past as a supporter of slavery and has set up a fund to help slaves' descendants. Jessica Le Masurier and Céline Bruneau report.

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