The World This Week

US lockdown divide, Putin's Russia on parade, 'dangerous game' in Libya, Eiffel Tower reopens

THE WORLD THIS WEEK 26/06/2020 © France 24

Could Donald Trump be losing the "culture war" over lockdown and social distancing? François Picard's panel reacts to the decision by Texas to pause the easing of confinement rules in the face of a new surge of Covid-19 cases.


Also, a surge in absentee ballots during primary voting raises the prospect of a long wait for results in November's US presidential election, Vladimir Putin stages both a parade and a referendum, Emmanuel Macron's "dangerous game" warning to Turkey over Libya and with foreign tourists away, could Parisians seize a unique summertime chance to climb up the Eiffel Tower and go to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa?

Produced by Alessandro Xenos and Juliette Laurain.


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